Investigative Strategy

Our strategies diffuse disputes, not accelerate them. We bring matters to conclusion.

Invest Strat OG

Investigations don’t always go the way they should. Sometimes the advisors you or your adversaries rely upon are financially incentivized to accelerate and litigate high-stakes matters. Significant matters become larger and larger. And so do the advisory fees and the months—even years—lost from strategic distraction.

When investigative strategy has lost focus or questionable delay tactics are in play, we provide leaders with a second opinion. We are not incentivized or empowered to litigate. We do not receive success fees if deals are executed. We are independent. That means our allegiance is to you. Through fact-finding that provides an indispensable lay of the land, we help you develop strategies to avoid litigation, to stop problematic deals, to conclude investigative matters, and to identify warning signs early enough in a troubled business relationship to orchestrate a graceful exit.