Malfeasance and wasted resources in an institution undermine public confidence, workforce morale, and the strategic mission.

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In an era when scrutiny is high and accountability is demanded,
public integrity and efficiency programs pay for themselves in:

The Vander Weele Group offers a powerful combination of investigative and management expertise to curtail integrity breaches, identify improper payments, and address systemic misconduct and resulting inefficiencies that drain organizational resources.

Our integrated approach begins with fact-finding through investigations, monitoring, data analysis, and operational reviews. Like an outsourced Inspector General, we document misconduct and program inefficiencies often caused by loopholes in non-existent or ineffective management systems. Next, we build solutions to repair the systemic weaknesses that allowed the integrity breaches to occur.

Our measures are designed to enable programs to withstand internal and external scrutiny. Our solutions are creative, effective, and practical.

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Our integrity solutions include:


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