With the explosion of charter schools and dramatic shifts in public education,
we monitor education spending and provide investigations in K-12 and higher education institutions.

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calculus studentThe Vander Weele Group has deep roots in the education sector. Founder Maribeth Vander Weele served as a key member of the Chicago Public Schools turnaround team after chronicling challenges facing the system and recommending solutions in her book, Reclaiming Our Schools, the Struggle for Chicago School Reform. Most were subsequently implemented by the system and the Illinois State legislature, resulting in dramatic change that received national acclaim. She also has written and lectured nationally on the topic.

The Vander Weele Group has worked in public education since it was founded in 2003. We provide monitoring of federal and state education grants, investigations into public school and charter school fraud, investigations into university and K-12 admissions scandals, intensive reviews of school financial practices, probes into employee and vendor misconduct, technical assistance on a wide array of topics through on-site visits, training, conferences, web sites, resource guides, forms, and templates. We provide operational reviews to identify cost savings and efficiencies. We conduct data analytics of school spending and investigative reviews to enhance oversight.

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